Our Green Solution: Igniting Solar Power!

  • AdOutpost
  • Created: 03 November, 2015

Ad Outpost remains deeply committed to adopting green solutions, and for this reason, has pioneered solar-powered directional lighting SSN in South Africa. CEO, Dinesh Diar, explains, “We started small, with SSN, perfected it, and have now begun the process of migrating this technology to our bigger boards.”

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Putting the creativity back into OOH

  • Dinesh Diar
  • Created: 15 May, 2015

Out of home media is frequently criticised for its lack of creativity. One innovative out of home media owner is addressing this problem head on.

Earlier this year Ad Outpost established its own in-house creative division, The Imagination Lab, to help create effective designs and concepts for brands that will deliver maximum impact and results. “The primary task of this division is to ensure that the creative messaging that goes onto its billboards provides clients with return on investment (ROI) that creates resonance and demonstrates the power of the out of home (OOH) space,” explains newly appointed CEO Dinesh Diar. “It’s about telling a story on giant storyboards which are able to engage with consumers even as they drive past at 120kms per hour.”

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  • Dinesh Diar
  • Created: 15 May, 2015

Statement from Ad Outpost CEO, Dinesh Diar.

The violence against foreigners that we are witnessing currently in South Africa leaves me ashamed, embarrassed and sick with fear of how we are allowing our country to be diluted into insignificance. Too many people have died and fought a good fight for us to live in a free South Africa. As a person that was directly involved in the freedom struggle, I feel particularly pained by what is happening in our country and surely this was not the vision we had in mind during the fight against Apartheid. In this regard, the struggle continues and we owe it to our children to immediately extinguish this fire. Otherwise our children are destined to inherit a future fraught with hatred and a land with burnt out dreams.

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