Our Green Solution: Igniting Solar Power!

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  • Created: 03 November, 2015/li>

Solar Installation and Migration:

Ad Outpost remains deeply committed to adopting green solutions, and for this reason, has pioneered solar-powered directional lighting SSN in South Africa. CEO, Dinesh Diar, explains, “We started small, with SSN, perfected it, and have now begun the process of migrating this technology to our bigger boards.”

Ad Outpost’s Small Format and Procurement Manager, Wesley Ruffels is positively beaming with pride these days as he talks about the company’s most recent solar installations and the process of migration, “It’s just awesome. I’m excited to be part of this process. Solar is long overdue, and I’m proud to say we believe we are the leaders in this field!”

To complement Ad Outpost’s inventory of 502 Solar Street Names (SSN) signs, Wesley and his team have started the process of solar installation/migration of the new and existing Ad Outpost billboard inventory.

This past week alone saw the upgrade of the 3x12 gantry in Centurion, as well as the installation of a Maxi Lite (7.5 x 5) off grid solar solution, one of 12 such installations of this format size still to come!

Each board takes approximately a day and a half to install i.e. solar panels, batteries and LED strip lights. Thereafter, the structure is good to go, providing illumination for up to 6 hours, with 3 days of standby power in the event of inclement weather (no sunshine).

Ad Outpost is chuffed to announce between 18 to 20 sites of varying sizes already “solar ignited”, and the process is set to continue into the new year. We’re committed to keeping you updated on our solar migration journey!