Ad Ouptost Awarded Exclusive Rights on the Waterfall Estate

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  • Created: 09 December, 2015

Ad Outpost (Pty) Ltd are the sole media owners servicing the entire Waterfall Estate, the vast expanse of which may well make it the largest and ‘hottest’ property development in South African history.

In keeping with the new aesthetic and design sensibility conceived of by the Waterfall Management Company and the Atterbury Property Group for the estate, Ad Outpost was tasked with the process of upgrading all current PaveLite and Solar Street Names units (SSN).

Ad Outpost recently began the process of upgrading PaveLite and SSN units across the estate. So far 17 PaveLite upgrades have been completed, 18 still to go. The Solar Street Names (SSN) prototype has just been finalised, and roll-out will commence in January 2016.