Our Own Print and Production Facility

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  • Created: 27 January, 2016

Ad Outpost’s in-house print and production warehouse facility, just across the way from Campus Square in Auckland Park, boasts state of the art technology, a dedicated team of experts, and enough passion to meet the occasional 24 hour deadline challenge, effortlessly.

Why in-house:

It is indeed all part and parcel of Ad Outpost’s commitment to delivering better value with an eye on quality control at each stage of the process. It also means control of turnaround time, which translates into a competitive edge. “Ad Outpost directs the entire process from start to finish. Urgent jobs can be prioritised, and this means we aren’t standing in a supplier’s queue. The ability to implement last minute changes (always avoided, but sometimes inevitable), also extends our customer service offering.”, explains Peter Meiring.

Meiring, our warehouse Print and Production Manager explains why an in-house facility makes perfect business sense, “It’s actually fun. It means we’ve got our finger on the pulse. We’re able to negotiate best prices with suppliers, often at cost, and this saving is passed on to our clients.”

Ultimately then, the show goes on, directed each step of the way by Ad Outpost to ensure quality, value and competitive costing straight to Client.