20 Questions with… Dinesh Diar

  • AdOutpost
  • Created: 27 January, 2016

Out of home media is frequently criticised for its lack of creativity. One innovative out of home media owner is addressing this problem head on.

Earlier this year Ad Outpost established its own in-house creative division, The Imagination Lab, to help create effective designs and concepts for brands that will deliver maximum impact and results. “The primary task of this division is to ensure that the creative messaging that goes onto its billboards provides clients with return on investment (ROI) that creates resonance and demonstrates the power of the out of home (OOH) space,” explains newly appointed CEO Dinesh Diar. “It’s about telling a story on giant storyboards which are able to engage with consumers even as they drive past at 120kms per hour.”

A creative at heart, Diar understands the value of creativity for business success. “In most instances OOH media is consumed within split seconds which demands that the creative potency is delivered with powerful graphic language coupled with amazing simplicity,” he explains. “The challenge is to take a complicated message and distil it into a resonating thought. This is often easier said than done, which is why we so frequently find print campaigns finding their way onto our billboards - which completely nullifies the sheer power of the OOH space.”

Ad Outpost, he says, has taken the initiative to engage both media agencies and creative agencies to start a process of co-creation. “As responsible media owners we need to convince both media and creative agencies to collaborate with us. This kind of tandem effort will no doubt play a positive role in attracting a bigger share of media spend in the OOH space.”

It’s about coming up with effective creative ideas that attract eyeballs – in spite of lower budgets. “We understand our own medium – and without detracting from creative agencies in any way - we know what works. OOH doesn’t have to be expensive and full of special effects – simple often does the job just as effectively,” he points out.

Diar acknowledges that the common denominator across all media platforms - whether digital or analogue - dictates that excellent creative is the primary driver for audience engagement. “If all stakeholders demand and deliver excellent creative for the OOH space, I am convinced this will positively influence and attract a greater spend,” he concludes.