Maxi Posters

Let us help you tell your story through our exclusive Street Pole Advertising posters. Maxi Posters are booked in a set of five posters (2500mm x 1250mm) allowing your message to be repetitive or in a series (telling your story) giving you high impact brand awareness. Our exclusive Maxi Posters are double sided and situated in the centre of the M1 and M2 highways in Johannesburg. This highly visible outdoor advertising medium is affordable and allows for your creative to be innovative and dynamic.

Average cost - R18 100 pm

Mini Posters

Mini Posters (1800 x 1250) are sold in sets of four consecutive posters located on the M1 highway on and off ramp lamp posts.

These cost-effective posters are great for directional use or creating impact by repetition on more than one on or off ramp.

Advertise a variety of products or tell a story.

Average cost - R4 800 pm

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